Keywords = Integrity
Number of Articles: 4


Diagnosing the Ethical Leadership Dimensions of Academic Leaders: An Analytical Study in a Selected Sample of Private Colleges

Volume 39, Issue 125, Winter 2020, Page 108-131
Fadam A. Al Hamad; Alaa Abdulmawjood Alani


Openness Management by Figures as a Model ofIntegrity and Transparency

journal of Economics And Administrative Sciences/ University of baghdad
Volume 16, Issue 60, Autumn 2010, Page 1-16


Secured Medical Image Hashing Based on Frequency Domain with Chaotic Map

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 39, 5A, Spring 2021, Page 711-722
Amira K. Jabbar; Ashwaq T. Hashim; Qusay F. Al-Doori


المسؤولیة الجزائیة الناشئة عن انتهاک أمن المعلومات

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة
Volume 14, Issue 43, Winter 2020, Page 127-164
أسامة أحمد النعیمی